Nokia 1520 – Two years on

I’ve had my Lumia 1520 for the longest I’ve ever had a mobile phone since my first Nokia 5110 back in 1998. Two years, two months and counting. I guess that says a few things.


Specs are stagnant

This is an old phone now. But yet it has a 6″ 1080p screen, 4G, 2GB of RAM and a quad core CPU. Basically still decent power desktop from 10 years ago in your pocket, always on, all the time. Do I need waterproofing? No. Do I need a virtual reality headset? No. Do I need faster speeds than 30GBps 4G? No. We are hitting a stage in the smartphone market as we did a decade ago in the PC market; marginal returns make no difference for the average user. These devices were amazing 3 years ago, and are still amazing today. Will Apple’s formidable marketing machine keep people laying down the cash at such a stunning rate in the coming years for the next e-trinket? We’ll see.

I don’t care about SnapchatDescription Snapchat Logo.png

Much has been written about the ‘app gap’ on Windows Phone, so I won’t rehash it, but a good quality email, calendar and camera experience are more important to me than the latest social platform, so it works for me.

Software is everything

I gave up on Android due to a poor experience with an LG phone, circa 2012. I remember the time I decided I needed to dump it quite clearly. In a van with my father, looking for an address to collect an eBay item, in an unfamiliar town, in the rain, and the Google Nav reboots the phone, again. I nearly threw it out of the window. Soon after, I ordered a grey import 1520 and took a punt on Windows Phone 8. It was a really different operating system which seemed brave.

Build quality is a thing

I tried a Lumia 950XL at a recent event. It is the most direct replacement to my 1520. The specs are slightly better. You can unlock it with your eyes. It is lighter. The screen is a bit nicer. All these things are minor. The build quality on the 1520 is leagues ahead. Nokia always excelled at this, and I’ve not seen many Android devices get close.

I’ve installed Windows 10 Mobile on my 1520. I’ll write a bit more on my thoughts on that in the coming days.


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