Day 3 and closing thoughts at NDC

Highlight of the morning session was ‘Legal pitfalls for developers’ by @kuan0, a tech law practioner-turned-academic. Her style was certainly rapid fire, as the room was left in no uncertain terms that if you are doing stuff with people’s data online, there’s a lot to care about, and lots of countries with different laws, and you’d better wise up, or they’ll be coming for you. I am now scared, and will HTTPS all the things and have the best cookie consent form ever.


It’s going to sound like a @hanselman fan club convention here but his hour on the¬†Microsoft open source stack was really eye opening. What they’re doing to make sure they don’t lose mind share to whatever the new hotness is OSS is seems like the right strategy. Certainly being able to write .net code, in your favourite text editor, with Visual Studio-class intellisense ON LINUX without a massive download and install cycle is a quantum leap from where MS was only a few years ago. He ended this clarion call with ASP.NET 5 running on a Raspberry Pi. Deeply impressive.


Final Thoughts

Ultimately I wanted to go to this conference to shape my thinking in dev and product. Leaving on the DLR, I was full of ideas, had pinned a bunch of topics to my personal Trello board to research or apply to projects at work. That’s what I came for – to be challenged and get a clearer vision of the road ahead. The talks I went to on the softer skills, be that agile techniques or the improve stuff has definitely inspired me to try more new things with the team, to try and make the difficult changes.

Prince Regent

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