Day 2 at NDC London

We opened with a couple of fun talks, with @jonskeet, @odetocode and @robconery doing a C# play-by-play. I thought this format worked better than the ‘cage match’ of last year. I’m not sure there was much I could practically use, but it was enjoyable nonetheless. The same could be said for @troyhunt’s session on AppSec, covering some of the recent major breaches (AshleyMadison, natch). This was slick stuff, and well packaged by Troy, but if you have a cursory knowledge of security best practice, there wasn’t much to learn. Everyone loved it though.

Skeet and Scott

Once again @shanselman won the morning with Azure forDevelopers. I’ve not looked at it for a while but the azure portal looks amazing, really cutting edge in terms of what can be done with HTML5 UIs. This talk is definitely worth searching out when it is published online.

Lunchtime trip to Emirates Airline. Actually decent value for central London. Cue daft selfie:

Emirates Airline Selfie

In the afternoon I took a punt on the rather dryly named ‘Process and Problem Ideation Tools for Delivery Teams’ workshop by @theimproveffect. Perhaps the title contributed to the low attendance (7), but a small group turned out to work well given the format. A better title would have been ‘Improv for Developers’, but I guess they were going for something ‘enterprise’. Jessie introduced the group to a few improv games that could be easily adapted to agile teams for planning and making product decisions. I haven’t exactly decided how I’ll be introducing some of these techniques, but I definitely will. Forcing people to think ways they aren’t accustomed to is really powerful.

The evening of day 2 was the NDC party. Last year it was a lavish affair, with a Microsoft cocktail bar and a kickass band in @skinnylister. I skipped it this year, meeting an old school friend on Fleet St., but the twitters were abuzz with complaints that despite being sponsored by JustEat, there was no food. Oh, sweet irony.

NDC London

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  1. Nice write-up Phil.

    I’m not convinced about the new portal. I find it can be pretty slow a lot of the time, if anything it’s forcing me down the learn-to-control-azure-with-powershell route, which might end up being a good thing. Also whats the deal with all dat scrolling. Feels a little like UI shine won over UX.. Maybe I’ll change my mind.

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