Day 1 at NDC London

I’m staying at the end of the DLR line in Beckton. Its not glamorous, but it was cheap and convenient. The trip to the excel centre took less than 10 minutes but I definitely felt I was losing points not having and Oyster card and having to use (whisper it) paper tickets. Eww.

ExCeL is big, NDC takes up a small part:

NDC Hall

Good crowd at NDC this year, north of 800 attendees. The room looked pretty full or the keynote with @hanselman, understandable as he is definitely ‘internet famous’. He’s done pluralsight and tekpub courses on presentation skills and he’s a joy to watch. So much effort has gone into the beats, the perfectly targeted nerd jokes and the cute gifs, the content almost passes me by. Pushing against an open door, he demonstrated how, even if we don’t like it, JavaScript has already won, and we should embrace the new assembly language of the web.

The next talk worth mentioning was from @damovisa, on deployment strategies with Octopus. It’s something we’re already using internally at @voiteq, but from this talk I realise we need to spend more time planning release and version management.

Rounding out the day was @miguelcastro67’s dependency injection talk. Most of the concepts were familiar to me but he definitely clarified my thinking on the subject. Most of the audience had some DI experience, as you’d hope, but interestingly Miguel seemed surprised, claiming that his typical US audiences were not as advanced.

Day one to a close, did some emails before bed. Can’t just swan off for three days and expect it all to stop.

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